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Celebrities as neoclassics

Celebrities as neoclassics

Let’s face it, everyone has a favourite celeb, who to them is just their hero of all time.  Well a VERY clever artist has gone ahead and created a neoclassic styled image of  some the true greats, turning them into a heroic styled images.  (I’m sure they love it also!)

Steve Payne is the name behind these images, going by the artist name of “ReplaceFace” –  and by using the images of Russian Generals (originally painted by George Dawe during the period of Napoleons invasion) he has very cleverly  replaced these General’s faces/heads with some choice celebrity faces… the results are quite beautiful.

Check his work out at: http://replaceface.tumblr.com/ – where you can also buy them as a print or even an iphone cover at Society6.

Anyhow, here are just a few of my own personal  favourites that I’ve grabbed from his site, so please check his site for loads more.

I’ve also added a few of my own Photoshop alterations for fun.  These are just a smattering of what I’ve done myself over the years, (no where as good as his, der!) mainly for  friends who have well and truly deserved having their ‘mugs’ placed on some very obvious celeb bodies for fun.   Always gets a big laugh, and hey it’s a great way to polish up your Photoshop skillz! 😉