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Hand Gun & Cosmo Jarvis

Hand Gun & Cosmo Jarvis

More silliness with the Samsung Tablet… I must say its lots of fun to draw on, although you do have to be careful your other hand doesnt touch as you draw, or you’ll end up with random marks on your drawing. Anyhow did this on Friday night for some fun.

Hand Gun Fun - Digital
Hand Gun Fun - digital


My new crush – this guys’ music is awesome…. and I’m lovin’ the  film clip that goes with this song….. Lyrics are quite clever too.


Random drawings – Merry Christmas!

Random drawings – Merry Christmas!

Well there’s another Christmas, done and dusted!  I have to say, rather glad too…. so much has to happen for this one day to kick off just right.  It is starting to get beyond a joke!

Anyway, at least we all had alcohol to make the day slide on past smoothly, (what me an alkie?? Noooo way!)  But seriously, it was a great day, enjoyed by all….

It was also my birthday on the 13th, so I  was doubly  lucky to get a super duper gift  and have been fiddling around on it since!  A Samsung Galaxy Note 10.0 – and it’s pretty kool, me likey!  The notepad facility on it isn’t really meant to be for sketching or doodling, but I’ve been having a blast with it just the same.  I should really drag out my WACOM again…!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas… watch out New Years is just around the corner… and I’m hoping it’ll be a good one!  Happy 2013 all, may you have a friggen awesome one!

Pigs will Fly!
pigs will fly!


Hairy rough lookin’ dood – Jack Irish

Baby Bloo

bloo eyed, blue hair, gal