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The Ape Commander

With all the work I’ve been doing on “Sci-Fi”  themes of late, I did this today.  I’ve got quite a few old (quite large sized) computer discs,  so have been trying to work out what to paint on them.  It seemed appropriate to paint one of the Planet of the apes guys on there (I love the Old skool movie!).  I will possibly do a whole set, from the movie.  Could be fun 🙂 – I’m thinking I’ll give this to Reboot – who I said I’d do a piece for this years –  “Pay it forward” project.


Meanwhile all my Future Imperfect pieces are framed and ready to go, along with my Show Off Exhibit pieces.  The last two of those are being framed next week, ready on weds.  Feels so good to be all done in time… now I can reeeelax.