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The Corner Room – exhibit

Well today was a doozy.  I’ve been suffering all week with “Laryngitis” – and I can tell you now, it’s no walk in the park!  I was unable to communicate at all, for the last four days, and attempting to talk was so exhausting, I’d just give up!  Luckily by Wednesday, the day I had to hang up a new installation of art, my voice had finally peeked it’s timid little self back through!

I met up with good friend and amazing artist/photography Cherry, at the cafe where my work is being hung and we worked solidly from 9:30am till 2:30pm!  It was a real slog and I have to thank her for her invaluable help…. that shit is hard work!

At any rate the pieces are up, and we ended our day with a lovely meal to boot.  The cafe is in South Terrace, South Fremantle, called “The Corner Room” –  one of the owners, Nick,  who incidentally used to run “Old Papa’s” in the heart of Fremantle, which in it’s hay day –  probably one of the most iconic and well known cafe’s,  found along the Cafe Strip in Freo.  Unfortunately it’s demise has been in place for sometime and it is sorely missed by anyone who enjoys a decent coffee, cake and some decent art or photography on show.  Luckily for us, Nick has this lovely restaurant/cafe in Freo now humming along nicely and it is definitely a treat to visit with friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

So, if you’re in the local area, please pop on down to the Corner Room and take a gander.  You’ll be doing your taste buds a huge favour and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the least!


“Down Town”