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The delightful Nana Mouskouri

Today was rainy windy and miserable… it was the perfect day to finish off  a few projects I started last week.

One of them was an artwork for a friend, and seeing it hung in it’s special place was very satisfactory… it actually looked fabo in the spot they wanted it hung!  Yay.

Emerald Castles

The other little bit of fun today was creating a different piece inspired by my love of the daggy 70s.  As a teen I remember this lady well, only because at the time she had some enormous hit – AND more importantly,  wore these huge black glasses – which at the time were’nt so cool (different story now a days though!).  So  as  kids we thought this was all pretty hilarious.  She also used to sing with a BIG long haired, bearded Greek guy – Demis Roussos.   And he’d wear those big flowing gowns – called a kaftan, which again made us all crackup and think how weird they both were.

We could talk, we sat there in our purple cord flares, big flower t/shirts and mullet hair dew’s, not to mention a bunch of other dorky 70s fashion paraphernalia.  Oh god how I miss those days!! lol, not.   By the way?….they both have really amazing voices.  Not my cup of tea, but hey I can appreciate the talent.

Think I’ll visit the Salvo’s store for some more classic albums – for further painting inspiration!



You can purchase this piece from my Etsy Shop.