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The Drones <3

Last night we went and saw my favourite band in town… “The Drones” and it was freak’n amazing! The supporting act, The Gin Club, was also pretty bloody good too. The venue was perfect, “MoJo’s“, which is this tiny lil joint just outside of Fremantle, where you can hardly swing a cat, so the whole night was very personable and intense.

Of course the Drones just knocked everyone for six, their music is amazing, and holy crap was it LOUD! My ears are still ringing! Gareth has just so much energy, and the drummer.. wow!

The funny part is that upon arriving I was BUSTING to get to the loo, so walked straight out into the beer garden to find the entire band sitting out there, right where the loo door was. So of course, whilst walking through and past, I had to pat Gareth on the shoulder and tell him he was awesome hah, he laughed and said thank you, then I felt the need to assure Fiona the bassist that she too was awesome.. followed by declaring everyone else present how awesome they were also, GOD… yes, I made a right tosser of myself – haha, oh fkin well! Who cares lol. It was just a bloody brilliant show, whew!

Anyhow, if you’re wondering what their style of music is, their Myspace Page, declares it as: ” Psychedelic / Religious / Black Metal” which is surprisingly accurate.

Anyhow here’s a cool clip of them performing one of the songs, which they played at the end, to which the crowd went literally crazy for. In fact when they left the stage and came back for their enchore, the drummer chatted this guy, who had gone literally ape shit, knocking nearly everyone down around him and told him to settle the fk down! Brill… hah.

I really have to do an art piece inspired by one of their songs soon, his lyrics are so amazing, he’s been called Rocks version of the great Aussie poet, Henry Lawson.

Enjoy the song and check out the pics’ I took too!