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The Love is Here Project

I happened across this exciting project by accident and via a contact of mine, “Maddabling” (Thanks Sam!)  and just had to submit something myself.logo

They’ve had 137 submissions, and the deal in submitting your works is simple.  It must be in black and white, it can be typography based or must contain the words ‘i love you’ somewhere within its composition, in landscape format (A5 landscape)

As stated in their specifications; – ” The Idea being that there are many ways to say I love you and through the diverse range of unique responses (20 will be shortlisted) we will compile a limited edition A5 booklet titled “Love is Here” which will be launched in Rancho Notorious gallery in July 2011 and then travel to Ambush Gallery in Sydney in August.

The booklet will have cut lines so that the individual pages can be torn-out and given to people as little loving gifts (as original artworks) in a pay it forward kinda way or, as a compilation.”

Here’s what I submitted… I hope I get one of them in!  They are choosing 20 peices, one from each state at least. Plus an additional 10 people exhibited in the group shows in Melb and Sydney, (but not in the book).   There has been no names submitted with each entry so as to  give everyone a chance,  no favourites, no pre-judgements etc … which is very cool I think.

The only people that can vote for them are the Artists who have submitted.  You’re allowed two votes, one for yourself and another for someone else.  So in actual fact really, one real vote I suppose.

There was some really fantastic entries submitted.. you can almost pick the ones that will get selected… but we won’t know until the 2nd June.

To take a look at all the entries, visit their Flickr page here at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/theloveishereproject/ or you can visit them on their facebook, click Like and find out first hand what’s going on.

*Unfortunately none of my submissions were chosen.  =( Poobar.  Still check it all out, a great selection of little artworks are involved. =)


“A Love that Time Cannot Erase”

“Creepy Toddler Love”

“Strewth* I love you mate.”