Sandy Gaskett is “Gasbombgirl”

Taking my experiences from a life in and around the ocean and turning them into happy pieces of artworks.

Sandy Gaskett is “Gasbombgirl”, a born and bred Perth girl living in Western Australia, home to the prettiest beaches in Australia!

With a childhood full of family trips to the small seaside town of Lancelin I’ve always had an affinity with the ocean.  This naturally spills over into my artworks, where I will combine the happiest of colours, in an assortment of patterned designs. Many of my pieces are reflective of nature, and the West Australian coastline.  

I was an avid surfer in my early years and even helped form the first all girls surfboard riders club in the late 1980s, called the Gidget Surfriders.  We had over 40 members of varying levels which carried on to the mid 90s, when the club finally petered out.  

My love of the ocean is a huge influence in my latest pieces and I’m now experimenting fully into this new direction since the middle of last year – 2016.

So why the name – Gasbombgirl ?

I love a good joke which shows up in the choice for my art name “Gasbombgirl”! I’ve copped some pretty funny nicknames from friends in the past, with my name being warped into quite a few different versions of hilarity.  It just seemed to capture the fun nature of my carefree designs and artworks, so I figured, “why not?!” – so “Gasbombgirl” was born.

How long have you been painting for?

I’ve produced art, like most people, since I was a child with  scribbles,  doodles  and splashes of paint.  It’s all been about having fun in expressing myself.  I’ve been involved with various art courses throughout the years, in fact I’ve done countless workshops and courses, from a stack of different venues and teachers.  There is no better way to improve than just getting stuck into it and taking note of what works and what doesn’t.  Also YouTube has some great tutorials if you’re ever looking for help!! 

What inspires you?

Being a surfer and avid lover of all things oceanic, you’ll find many of my latest artworks are observant of this.  Nature and the blues of the ocean make my paint brush jump with anticipation.  Exploration into portraiture has been something I’ve always loved to partake in, keeping along the lines of pulp, pop and naïve art.  A certain fun ‘kitschiness’ has been a part of my work for many years, some of my wave art still contains this style. 

What are your favourite mediums

I love immediate results, so I’m a big fan of acrylics the most, but definitely love using oils and water colours as well.  Also favourable mention should go to “Fluid Acrylics” which are the relatively new kid on the block, which if you haven’t tried you really should give it a try, they’re lots of fun! 

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Do you do commissions?

Yes most definitely!   If you have an idea of what you’d like me to do,  I’m keen to work together in creating something unique just for you!

Contact me to talk it over

Do you have Social Media?

I sure do!  – FacebookInstagramTwitter .  Just search for “Gasbombgirlart” or “Sandy Gaskett” – and you’ll find me ready for a good stalk’n!    

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